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Issues With Mac Ibook G4 Power Pc

G3s and G4s use the 32 bit version, G5s use the 64 bit (so use the live64, install64 or cli64 option if available). It also appeared in this Mac's Startup Manager, and I could select it in the OS 10.4.8 Startup Disk prefpane. I didn't really notice anything bad, all the new hardware parts, airport, etc were detected instantly. I discovered also that the aluminium cast internal frame was broken near the battery compartment. weblink

With the mini iso you'll need an ethernet connection so that it can download and install the required packages. Log in at the text terminal, if needed. All clamshell iBooks supported Mac OS X 10.0 through 10.3.9. not GUID or MBR) 2. More Bonuses

See also the troubleshooting section below for how to use a Ubuntu CD to boot your installed system or manuallly edit your yaboot.conf. Best iPods (264,170 views)8. I tried a lot of goofing around but working with an old USB external DVD is working fine.

Your vintage OS-X-Mac may seem hung for a while but is actually just watching paint dry and will eventually move on. ;-) If you get error messages, your USB media may If you don't know what you have, you can look up your computer at Apple or Everymac. More tips on booting from openfirmware are given on this page and this thread, but use the word yaboot instead of :tbxi with a dd'd iso (again due to this bug). make sure pbbuttonsd is installed.

Can I install to a virtual disk like 'wubi'? Phones Pick of the Week Press Rel Printers Reviews Scanners Site News Storage Devices System System 10.4 System 10.5 System 10.6 System 10.7 System 10.8 System 10.9 UNIX Web Browsers The Alternate CD also allows more advanced installation which is not available with the Standard LiveCD. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ It’s yours.

Many more general questions have answers at the Community Documentation. snd-powermacand for activate for current session: sudo modprobe snd-powermac LCD brightness contrast modify /etc/usplash.confput xres=1024 yres=768run sudo update-initramfs -u -k `uname -r` Suspend / Resume On 8.04 remove the hald-addon-pmu if If you are doing a fresh install of both operating systems (recommended), then you can put the yaboot partition as the first bootstrap partition or put the whole of Ubuntu in Note: You should not use a version of Mac OS X that is earlier ("older") than the version your Mac shipped with.

This should not prevent installation, since the standard, non-SMP kernel should boot on SMP systems; the kernel will simply use the first CPU only. The bug is fixed in 11.10. http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Mac/iBook-G4-14-Inch/Lower-Case/84/5/I gotta say it was a great help too i think its awesome they put manauls accesable like that.PS apple are a bunch of nasty names and they should pay for Once you have made empty space on the disk (i.e.

Quality issues[edit] The hinges on the Titanium PowerBook display are notorious for breaking under typical use. have a peek at these guys Compatible power adapters are IF113-018 and IF113-039. Every parameter inside the quotes should be separated by a space. You will need to set that yaboot parameter again after an installation as that will not carry over from the booted ISO - see FAQ for how to do this. 14.04

Under 10.04 and 10.10 I set this to "EXA" to fix the choppy scrolling. It's also still actively supported by the Linux Kernel. Note the openfirmware framebuffer has a limited colour depth - hence the 'psychedelic' colours you will see. check over here So, what am I missing here? [ Reply to This | # ] Easily boot from USB 2.0 drives on PowerPC Macs Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Apr 22, '08 12:55:23PM Some

When the 667MHz and 800MHz "DVI" PowerBooks were introduced, Apple changed the hinge design slightly to strengthen it. It will probably work out that you are keeping the sections "Card0", "Monitor0" and "Screen0". Try using the yaboot parameter nouveau.noaccel=1. 12.10 Quantal Quetzal "Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!" See bug.

What partitions do I need etc?

Note that the first "partition" will always be the partition map itself. The 'blacklist' parameter is supposedly significant to the debian-installer, although from reports it is likely you will have to use the parameter on both a live and installed system until you The external design of Apple's professional laptops continued to remain similar to the aluminum Powerbook G4 until the Spotlight on Notebooks event on October 14, 2008. ubuntu bug #1275042: Wrong colors with Mesa 9.2 and Mesa 10.0 on Lubuntu 14.04 PowerPC.

Open the file with an editor: sudo gedit /etc/yaboot.conffind and replace the following: image=/boot/vmlinux label=Linux read-only initrd=/boot/initrd.img append="nosplash video=radeonfb:1024x768-24@60" image=/boot/vmlinux.old label=old read-only initrd=/boot/initrd.img.old append="nosplash video=radeonfb:1024x768-24@60"make your changes permanent: sudo ybin -v Not with option at startup, nor selectable in the Startup Disk Panel. Or you could take the back of, and press down the chips with your fingers and see if it works. this content The display bezel contained the wireless antenna, which attached to an optional internal wireless card.

Apple - Support - PowerBook G4 Video of Jobs launching PowerBook G4 Titanium at Macworld 2001 Video of Jobs launching PowerBook G4 Aluminum at Macworld 2003 PowerBook G4, EveryMac.com 15" Alu A device that reads data from and often writes data onto a storage medium, such as a floppy disk. [ Reply to This | # ] Easily boot from USB 2.0 Nano 7 - backgrounds... I checked in StartUp Disk/System Preferences and the USB2 drive partition with the system did not show up as a choice of start up drives.

Sound Add snd-aoa-i2sbus to /etc/modules file. No problem at all ... - The Mac: iMac 17" TFT 1,25 GHz (PowerPC 7445 = G4 processor; bought 2003/09) And I have a good reason to boot from USB: my Logout and log back into a Ubuntu 2D session (the user account for the live cd is "ubuntu" and has no password - just press return if prompted for it). The design was discontinued in May 2001, in favor of the new "Dual USB" iBooks.

Configure graphics Shouldn't it just work out the box nowadays? How do I configure yaboot.conf? You may check for success by adding the CPU Frequency Monitor Applet to your panel. 9.10 Karmic Koala No external monitor on G4 iBook Since Ubuntu moved to xrandr, the external What about OldWorld Macs?

Select the libgl1-mesa-dri, libgl1-mesa-glx, libglapi-mesa, and libglu1-mesa packages in Synaptic and then in the menu goto Package > Lock Version. Use a different mediaplayer, install an older version (from 10.04 lucid?), or compile your own version without altivec support. The PowerBook G4 had two different designs: one enclosed in a titanium body with a translucent black keyboard and a 15-inch screen; and another in an aluminum body with an aluminum-colored What about OldWorld Macs?

There is a new release available, do I need to upgrade? If you've used a "video=" yaboot parameter with a CD then that parameter should be automatically passed onto the install. sorry to say that guys but it just happened to me…Reply Will says: March 28, 2008 at 3:08 pmI got my 14″ G4 ibook 1.07 ghz on ebay. Power preferences/suspend/screen brightness/multimedia keys How can I use powernowd for CPU frequency scaling?