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Is There A Downside To Openoffice.org?

If you need your pages to flow exactly in a certain way you need to put page breaks and other controls in there. Also, before sending something out to a customer that I've written in OO, I check it on a machine that has Word or Excel or Powerpoint (whatever is appropriate) to ensure No, he's a "writer". Basically, the ooo developers agree with me that the current dialog is too limited and also a usability nightmare.The lack of this feature guarantees I will never use it for any

Don't let the application word-wrap, instead they hit enter when they get to the end of the line. Generally, AOO obeys standard Windows OS conventions. Re: (Score:2, Insightful) by Ash-Fox ( 726320 ) writes: At the end of the day it's about file formats. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector graphic editing and database management components. https://www.techwalla.com/articles/what-are-the-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-open-office

That was then and this is now. Try it, prefeably in OOo, but MSword knows the concept too (but chooses to pull out your nails for entertainment instead). In other office suites, you have to open each separate program.

The only thing I don't like about Word '07 is how they drank the cool-aid and made styles something fundamentally different from fonts in the UI... OpenOffice also includes robust tools for Web designers who write in HTML.Technical SupportTechnical support for an open source suite of applications isn't quite the same as technical support for a commercial Re: (Score:3, Interesting) by fermion ( 181285 ) writes: Just FYI. Windows Live Calendar Gadget for Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista Time management is a very important aspect in life, especially in your work OR career.

On the issue of compatibility it's also worth noting that any macros in the document will not work in OOo but generally most issues are related to formatting and will not Copyright & License | Privacy | Contact Us | Donate | Thanks Apache and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation. You have a voice. http://1000techs.blogspot.com/2011/05/review-openofficeorg-pros-and-cons.html Should you consider OpenOffice?

Just a company logo, somewhere out of the way. Higher Memory Usage One of the drawbacks of choosing to use OpenOffice is that it has a higher memory and CPU usage than other office suites. Yes, even in the compa Re: (Score:3, Informative) by Silver Sloth ( 770927 ) writes: At the risk of a 'me too' posting I second everything you say. Microsoft Office.

Consider even the issue of startup times: Even Microsoft streamlined the code for fast startup in Office 97. Share twitter facebook linkedin just more limited (Score:3, Informative) by jilles ( 20976 ) writes: on Sunday March 25, 2007 @06:16AM (#18477467) Homepage The downside is simply that openoffice is a I can't really think of anything that open office does well in this context except perhaps its drawing tools. If it doesn't, you still have MS Office installed, so there is no risk of it hurting your business.

What information would they share? I think when I first bought Word Perfect 8 it was around $100; I forget what I paid for WP7. MS Office, OpenOffice, Firebird, and Thunderbird are all reasonably secure as long as you follow standard procedures (install updates and patches as soon as they're released, maintain firewalls, antivirus, and antispyware, NeoOffice is by far the best office suite on the Mac.

General interface responsiveness in Apache OpenOffice is good, though there's a very slight lagginess. Re: (Score:2) by tomhudson ( 43916 ) writes: Well...why? In Open Office, it gets in your face and keeps trying. Each of them is full-featured and robust.

OO can render to both on any platform other than Windows. Anything else just makes the document look unprofessional, or worse, trashy.Out here in the real world any experienced graphic artist will be glad to explain to you the value of a I may get better.

Starting up, opening document, typing, saving, etc., it's all SLOW.

I'd have appreciated a warning or error message. What's more, OpenOffice will run under Linux (as well as Solaris and BSD), and Linux runs much more effectively on old computers than Windows 2000 or XP. OpenOffice.org's support is more community driven, and generally free, with a documentation project and discussion forums led by volunteers. Users are able to update their installation any time a new fix is added, which could be multiple times a year if needed.

Where are these "Java options"? The installation also includes features which some expensive rivals do not - for example, the ability to create .pdf files when you want to guarantee what the recipient sees on their You can even open any type of document from any application - OpenOffice is really one piece of software. I thought that OO.org hasn't been Java-based since before v1.1.

Compatibility OpenOffice is compatible with various operating systems, where as other office suites are designed to operate on only one type of operating system. Of course, it might be that the behavior is wrong in Word, in which case it might not be considered a bug! He wants to do exactly what he does with Word. But in the last couple of years, a viable open-source option has emerged: OpenOffice.org.

As an interesting side note, OpenOffice.org, Thunderbird, and Sunbird are all available as portable applications, while Microsoft Office 2003 is not. Simple (Score:5, Insightful) by Anonymous Coward writes: on Saturday March 24, 2007 @01:26PM (#18472073) It's Microsoft Office compatability isn't perfect, and the other companies I work with send documents created with Because we all have a limited amount of patience, we'll leave these comparisons for another article. But a small, tight, spr Everything (Score:2) by Aliencow ( 653119 ) writes: The interface doesn't feel fast.

The Apache OpenOffice project releases software several times a year so you can take advantage of new features as quickly as possible. Someone sometimes is doing to change the font slightly or add a few words. The only trouble is, I don't think any of this code has made its way into the mainstream OO codebase, so it probably won't for some time. Re:Simple (Score:5, Informative) by GIL_Dude ( 850471 ) writes: on Saturday March 24, 2007 @03:00PM (#18472855) Homepage Older versions of office did do that; they were always have a "quick launcher"

Of course there is a learning curve - but that's why I said KEEP OFFICE INSTALLED. PROS and CONS of using OpenOffice.org Pros / Advantages of usingOpenOffice.org (over competiting free / paid office suites):Free to download, distribute and install it on as many PCs as you like There isn't a good reason to ha Re: (Score:2) by tverbeek ( 457094 ) * writes: You're right: "snappy" is not a word most people are going to use to describe In short, this program is very convenient for just about anyone who needs to use office software on the go and doesn't want to pay a lot of money to do

You won't know until you try it out. However once you are forced to swap when you don't want too, whether it be by a data compatibility forced upgrade or you need additional licences due to expansion. Re: (Score:2) by bcrowell ( 177657 ) writes: One problem I've encountered with Calc is that the curve fitting stuff is nowhere near as full-functioned or easy to use as Excel's. i'm not trying to sound like an ooo fanboy, but i can't think of anything negative in regards to ooo.