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Is A K7s5a Pro Just A Bad Mobo Or Waht?

i actually got a mod bios from happyg i think. I'm doing this more as a curiosity thananything else. but if i connect the voodoo, doesn't work fine…….the cursor becomes a big and black square.how can i do fix this? (if is is possible…..) - by fdias all of you but what is cool, is that i changed the cpu speed to 124/124….

OverclockingDDR bus speeds explainedRelationships between FSB, PCI and AGPFSB overclockning (with honey X OC bioses)FSB overclockning (with software)Tuning memory timingsChanging multiplierChanging VcoreScope of this guideThis guide deals mainly with the "classic" May I please return this bummer motherboard to your company?!?! For this to work, you will have to either reinstall Windows (recommended) or do like this.Flashing the BIOSDisclaimer: Flashing a motherboard's BIOS can be a somewhat risky process. something smells fishy about this mobo though… from reading other peoples comments, it seems like ecs made a board specific to most components, but not enough testing occured to make sure http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/ecs-k7s5a-motherboard-voltage-problems.4051/

Lon Ferguson Sep 22, 2003, 09:48am EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse Private Message - Add to Buddy List >>Re: Installed a New ECS K7S5A Pro Motherboard and I Most cases come with a rear mounted extractor fan, usually mounted near the top under the PSU. The more air that goes through your case, the more dust gets trapped in there.Depending how much you use your system, make a point of opening the case and cleaning the

The 0.13 models generate less heat and run with a lower core voltage, which means they run cooler and have more overclock potential than their 0.18 brothers running the same frequency.To A Blah blah.With a blah blah! haha! from what i hear, ecs-amptron-pcchips-etc… are the same company.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? i have been using winme for 2 years and now upgraded to winxp and have no problems, all soft and games runs well, no lockus/bsod… by the way: if you want I guess that’s one way of looking at it. my site Perhaps a qualityy control problem?

I was also using sdram and not ddr and some at ocworkbench seemed to think low amps on the 3 volt line on PSU's had probs with ddr also. K7VTA3/KT333 – 3 boards – 2 have bad USB ports, one had a short and smoked one of the memory slots. We live in a Murphy World.With that out of the way, flashing the K7S5A BIOS is actually not that complicated. a friend of mine realized that i have a 1.4 ghz tbird and i should be setting my fsb to 133/133.

going bad. Select "Specify a location"8. eventually i tried a different graphics card (based on a guess, because the problems with the sound changed in relation to the type of graphics displayed on the screen). I'm doing this more as a curiosity than>>>>anything else.

I guess I got what I paid for. Some information may be out of date.By Oken, AlphaArms, daveg4otu and Milt.Contents:Scope of this guide1. Latest honey X Overclocking BIOS files: For v. 1.x/3.x boards only: OC 030327beta, OC 021029, OC 020626, OC 020430 For v. 1.x/3.x and Pro 5.0 boards: OC 030811, OC 021209b, OC To determine what you should set this to, you should contact your RAM manufacturer to find out the speed of your RAM.

since your case gave you a three pin power led and you need a two pin power led to connect it to your motherboard, you need to cut the center of By the way I am running Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73ghz, 2 HD's, geforce2, cd burner, and sound card... Got three identical cases with Austin 300W P4 capable PSs,> three Athalon 2400XP CPUs and 3 strips of Centon 512DDR. And I doubt you can sue the company from which you bought a defective product from.

i first downloaded and installed v1.10 but it didn't work (available at #sisagp_110). No spaces or special characters.Q2: I am trying to flash my BIOS but I keep getting the error "chipset/flashpart isn't available." A2: You are trying to flash the BIOS from a The non-LAN .rom files do not have a letter after the number.Update: The newest BIOSes have an autodetection feature so the same BIOS can be used on both LAN and non-LAN

Current CPU Temp: 114'F-116'F Core 0: 1.76v Core 1: 2.46v +3.3v: 3.26v +5v: Lowest recorded 3.47v, Highest recorded 4.83v +12v: Lowest recorded 11.79v, Highest recorded 12.43v -12v: Lowest recorded -12.43v, Highest

System crashes after some time running full loadBios (cmos) settings lost on startupBlank screen after POSTKeyboard not working during POSTBios error codes (beeps)SSE disabled when using Thoroughbreds 5. Still . . . The first number represents the front side bus, or FSB and the second number represents the memory bus, or MEM. This final one is out of warranty,so I will probalby get 1 replaced under warranty, and the other two get tocontaminate my local trash dump...Unfortunately, the "Fry"ing of the FET's caused

However, K7S5A boards seem to use 2 beeps to signify a CMOS or low battery error.RecommendationsTroubleshoot the motherboard (use this guide)Check the RAM for errors using a memory test (e.g. support question describing the problem (bad caps) >>>>and>>>>asked how do I get it fixed. it works fine. only got one stick of sd-ram, 256….cpu temp goes as high as 59 deg cel, is this normal? - by scoobyrex that old agp issue… (2:58pm est fri may 10 2002)i've

I always tried to get ones near 20 on the 3 volt line and had no probs. Login now. Always enable this setting for faster performance.L2 CacheEnables the CPU's Level 2 Cache. i'm having trouble hooking up the power cables from my tower to my board.

solved Asus Z87-Pro (V edition) motherboard won't POST. In a normal heated room, the temperature will usually be 1 or 2 degrees cooler at floor level than it will be at a height of 1.5 metres.AFTERCAREWhen you have done No, create an account now. May I please return this bummer motherboard to your company?!?!