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How To Add Data To Jtable In Java Dynamically


However, the following error is encountered: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 >= 0 at java.util.Vector.elementAt(Unknown Source) at javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel.getValueAt(Unknown Source) at Client.GUIComponents.ProjectFrame$1.submit(NameOfFile.java:LineNumber) The error is encountered when trying to submit as Thanks! –fudge22it Dec 5 '12 at 22:54 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 >= 0 This exception means that the column size of All the table cells become wider, expanding to fill the extra horizontal space. No tool tips were suppled for the name columns since they seemed self-explanatory. check over here

It implements TableCellEditor's superinterface, CellEditor, saving you the trouble of implementing the event firing code necessary for cell editors. public void submit(){ String recordvalues = ""; //contains a String representation of what I want to submit TableModel model = tableEntry.getModel(); for(int a = 0; a < model.getColumnCount();a++){ for(int b = You can think of the renderer as a configurable ink stamp that the table uses to stamp appropriately formatted data onto each cell. public String getToolTipText(MouseEvent e) { String tip = null; java.awt.Point p = e.getPoint(); int rowIndex = rowAtPoint(p); int colIndex = columnAtPoint(p); int realColumnIndex = convertColumnIndexToModel(colIndex); if (realColumnIndex == 2) { //Sport see it here

How To Add Data To Jtable In Java Dynamically

The getTableCellEditorComponent method, required by TableCellEditor, should configure and return the component that you want to use as the editor. JTable does not contain or cache data; it is simply a view of your data. Listeners are instances of TableModelListener. Or, to compile and run the example yourself, consult the example index.

The data the user actually sees is known as the view, and has its own set of coordinates. In the snapshot of TableDialogEditDemo, the renderer used for Favorite Color cells is a subclass of JLabel called ColorRenderer. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Question on jtable cell editors in swing up vote 2 down vote favorite I want to implement a component that serves as How To Add Row To Jtable Dynamically In Netbeans More fun with case-(very)-sensitive strings PostgreSQL IN operator with lots of values in an external file Extract all unique characters and number of their appearance from string?

NOTE:Selection data actually describes selected cells in the "view" (table data as it appears after any sorting or filtering) rather than in the table model. For each different table selected on the list, a table with the field data is supposed to appear in the tabbed pane. Object — rendered by a label that displays the object's string value. Join us in congratulating and thanking all of the top Experts.

NOTE:JTable uses a very simple concept of selection, managed as an intersection of rows and columns. How To Insert Data In Jtable From Jtextfield TablePrintDemo Printing Demonstrates table printing. TableFilterDemo Sorting and Filtering Demonstrates sorting and filtering, and how this can cause the view coordinates to diverge from the model coordinates. This is because allowing both row selection and column selection is exactly the same as enabling cell selection.

Java Jtable Add Row

Hot Network Questions What is the name of the 8 white squares surrounding resizable views? java swing user-interface jtable jcheckbox share|improve this question asked Jul 9 '11 at 7:37 Cratylus 28.4k37140259 "Can anyone please tell me what am I doing wrong here?" - you How To Add Data To Jtable In Java Dynamically Verified it via debugging If you step into setValueAt(), you'll see that "This empty implementation is provided so users don't have to implement this method if their data model is not Insert Data Into Jtable In Java Two definitions of Zariski Topology How to pass argument from one view to another view?

Previous client wants some "small changes" Are guest hosts paid for being on Saturday Night Live (SNL)? check my blog What's wrong or where is the AOC required in this proof? (free modules over a PID) What is a person who fakes responses on a survey? If you are using a table without a scroll pane, then you must get the table header component and place it yourself. Try removing the table.setModel(new AbstractTableModel() {... Java Defaulttablemodel

This section shows you how to use both techniques. Without this call, the editor would remain active, even though the modal dialog is no longer visible. Download the FixedColumnTable.java file. http://htmltemplatesfree.net/how-to/iphone-setup-move-data-from-android.html Suggestions?

The source code is in TableRenderDemo.java. How To Insert Data In Jtable In Netbeans This cell is known as the lead selection; it is sometimes called "the cell with the focus" or "the current cell". This is because cell selection is not supported in this mode in the demo.

To determine which Comparator to use for a column, TableRowSorter attempts to apply each of the following rules in turn.

current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. One column is that team's rank in RPI (1, 2, ...). When I have finished selecting which updates I want or do not want, I press on the Apply button and the updates are applied successfully but the JTable does not fully Java Jtable Example One last thing, I am able to dynamically change the number of frozen columns by disposing of the entire frame, and recreating it, such as: import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.event.ChangeEvent; import javax.swing.event.ListSelectionEvent;

The following code formats a string containing the row and column of the lead selection: String.format("Lead Selection: %d, %d. ", table.getSelectionModel().getLeadSelectionIndex(), table.getColumnModel().getSelectionModel().getLeadSelectionIndex()); User selections generate a number of events. Investigate the TableColumnModel. TableCellRenderer requires just one method: getTableCellRendererComponent. have a peek at these guys setBorder(selectedBorder); } else { ... //unselectedBorder is a solid border in the color //table.getBackground().

At the moment I'm just using colour to denote if a room is booked but it would be nice to show the booking name. When the user resizes a column by dragging its right border, then either other columns must change size, or the table's size must change. TableColumn supplies getter and setter methods for the minimum, preferred, and maximum widths of a column, as well as a method for getting the current width. Something like public void newRows(){rows = makeneewArraList();}.

new JTable(data,columnNames) is actually creating it's own DefaultTableModel based on the information you are providing it. You can either allow JTable to use its default instance of DefaultTableModel, or create your own custom subclass of DefaultTableModel. How can I set a vertical Header (TableHeader) on the left side? java swing jtable jlist tablecellrenderer asked Feb 6 at 23:34 Elliott 2,15932763 -1 votes 0answers 20 views JTable Validation Engine PHP I'm using validation engine and Jtable using PHP and MySQL.

Here are the topics this section covers: Creating a Simple Table Adding a Table to a Container Setting and Changing Column Widths User Selections Creating a Table Model Listening for Data setBorder(unselectedBorder); } } setToolTipText(...); //Discussed in the following section return this; } } Here is the code from TableDialogEditDemo.java that registers a ColorRenderer instance as the default renderer for all Color Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How to add row in JTable? If you like having a text field as the editor for a cell, but want to customize it — perhaps to check user-entered text more strictly or to react differently when

For information on these, refer to How to Write a List Selection Listener in the Writing Event Listeners lesson.