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I don`t known what to do :( Ionutz shutdowns my windows and restarts . You stop the reboot process by typing "shutdown -a" from a command prompt. law lsass.exe is not a worm or any virus it's a os program file but sometimes it can deactivate from services rpc pawan srivastava It's a system file. I had the Korgo.worm and its that which uses flaws in lsass.exe and RPC to shutdown your machine.

Ritesh Bhardwaj it restarts the computer after few minutes gurpreet I dont know much.. but while the first one is typed with a lowercase L, the 2nd is with an uppercase i. In general, the LSA performs the following functions: Manages local security policy. i was ;) erni The file lsass.exe in windows\systems32\ is infected because this the windows service and the anti virus products is update little so that most people have one kind

Finally, the files and processes: isass.exe or Isassa.exe (that is a capital 'i' and not an 'l'), lsassa.exe and lsasss.exe are infected files. Did the page load quickly? Knute Its dangerous when you got a blaster worm, when ever you go to the internet lsass initializes a shutdown of your computer. I've just thrown my laptop out of a 6th story window.

The true lsass.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called "LSA Shell". This file is not reliable. This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data. John It causes your machine to reboot over and over Addy Authentication service located in various places, but should only run out of c:\winnt\system32.

Forcible termination of lsass.exe will result in the Welcome screen losing its account/s, prompting a restart of the machine. Indra Sukmayana it shuts down system randomly and destroys exe files of othe applications Afolabi System restarts frequently and does'nt creates the network connections Gunjan Pandey lsass.exe is apparently modified by System Restart after 60 Seconds. This is a core security authentication file.

All three in windows one in the service packet folder one in the system32 folder and one on some computers is in a folder called SoftwareDistribution. I would be grateful for any information Chris turned up in an error msg when installing XP. its a windows file the pimpChimP So far know one has given a solution to this problem. If you get a message reading you computer will shut down in 60 seconds.

Use View/Details to place files in an alphabetical order and ONLY remove the isass (Because of default fonts you must list the files alphabetically. http://www.file.net/process/lsass%20.exe.html This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer from remote locations, stealing passwords, Internet banking and personal data. You stop the reboot process by typing "shutdown -a" from a command prompt. When it is infected it doesn't run neither regedit.

I'm a freeters that usually working with the computer and this worm cannot be removed or deleted as i've tried before... For more information about access control, see "Access Control" in this book. It's a totally new comp too, so I don't see how it could be a virus. SivertDaHaX it works depends and shut down the system at random noman it knocked out my other computer, and i can't get back in frank cracolice Nothing except it can cause

Wenn der PC herunterfahren will, einfach auf Start, dann auf "Ausführen" gehen und dort folgendes eingeben: Shutdown -a English: The process called "lsass" is OK, but you have to check, if This will by you some time Matthew Smith smitty86ca vital security process, patch your system and keep your system clean and you won't have the 60 second shutdown timer! How to fix lsass.exe related problems? 1. rahul soni Not much, but when the 60 sec thing comes up, go to run and enter shutdown -a.

It's a totally new comp too, so I don't see how it could be a virus. thank god. Edsel virus is having the same name as this file..

Schannel.dll .

Who can have access to the system and in what way (for example, interactively, over the network, or as a service). mukesh agarwal When i try to get back to windows it comes up with system error Lsass.exe and below it, it says "insufficient resources to start API" how the hell do to keep it inside and keep others out. it keeps on "terminating unexpectedly", so the whole computer has a system shutdown in one mintute Githoniel There was a virus in my pc with the same name.

d. We appreciate your feedback. Manage Your Profile | Site Feedback Site Feedback x Tell us about your experience... My school's network manager even had trouble understanding this and the network security kept calling me to tell me I had a virus.

In the code: the time to shut down - 62.5s is found. It is a windows system file. If lsass.exe is located in the C:\Windows folder, the security rating is 80% dangerous. Repair or format needed.

Any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. If all who wrote about these files consiistently used Lsass for the Microsoft file, and isass for the malware file, much pain and confusion would be avoided. If authentication is successful, Lsass generates the user's access token, which is used to launch the initial shell. As long as said file is located in c:\windows\System32\lsass.exe it's the real file.

It only shows a black screen after rebooting and tells me that "isass" couldnt been reinstalled..is that the worm too?:( Sevel I am facing lsass.exe problem from last 2 month if Viruses (Sasser) attack it! Use Stinger from the McAfee site. Please, i need help here.

Solace Real windows file (unless tampered with). I have run one of the Symantec fix tool, but the issue persists. It is both a Windows process and a virus so it can be misleading. Jacob Just having the same difficulties that everyone else is on here...

Bimal K.P.G Said lsass.exe was missing, then asked for password.. this should be either updated or deleted using a virus scan or an advanced spyware scan. stash Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Apr 16, 2002Posts: 6814 Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 3:33 pm quote:Originally posted by totorototoro:quote:Originally posted by mu:svchost is a platform to launch services from dlls.Type how can i get it back my system any clue?

For those worried about the virus, simply do not connect to the internet without installing a firewall before establishing a connection!